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I hope this finds you, and with that, finds you well.

To summarize 2023, I learned to:


January of 2023 was the official kickoff of Encompass Women's Health. When one decides to make a leap like this, it can be terrifying, EXCITING, and filled with self-doubt. In my opinion, it has been worth every emotion. I have learned so much this past year! Not only about running a business, but also about myself.

One thing is true: when you work for yourself, you are always on the clock. However, you are continuously gaining new knowledge and growing too! For me, personally, Encompass Women's Health has allowed more thoughtful, quality time for myself and for those that I love. I have gotten comfortable with self-doubt. It will always be there, but instead of holding me back, I now see it as my armor. I acknowledge it and keep moving forward. It has demonstrated to me that I can, and I am.

Professionally, I have a renewed realization of how much I LOVE what I do. Working with all of you has really brought the joy of providing care back into my life. I have always known that I am "not just a nurse", but recently I have discovered that being a nurse is a firm part of my identity. My personal and professional life are considerably intertwined. I am not just a nurse; I AM a nurse, and I LOVE BEING A NURSE.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support this year. If you liked a post, made an appointment, gave me suggestions, reached out to network or referred a client to me, please know that it has all meant the WORLD to me.

 I would like to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Joyful New Year. If I can pass one thing on to you…it would be…


Stay well,


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