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General Women's Health

Women have a unique set of healthcare challenges and are at higher risk of developing certain conditions and diseases. 

Being a woman also offers so many treasured advantages. Keeping up with your general women's health will ensure you're the thriving woman you're designed to be. 

If you find yourself asking this question often, you’re not alone. It’s completely normal to think something might not be normal!


In fact,  the question, "is this normal" is always an excellent one — it shows you pay attention to changes in your body and that you want to take care of your body in the best ways possible. Encompass Women's Health is here to answer the questions you have, and to resolve any health anxiety that is keeping you up at night. 

Is this normal?

Multi-dimensional care for all the dimensions of you

Our bodies are constantly changing. Hormones, age, environment, stress and emotions all impact the female body in different ways in each season of womanhood. It's natural that this constant flux often makes us ask, “is this normal?”


Internet searches lead to multiple possible answers that seem to “fit” our symptoms, but Dr. Google’s answers are predictably more terrifying than they are accurate. 

It’s important to remember that the Dr. Google algorithm is 1-dimensional, it cannot analyze your symptoms in the multi-dimensional context of you.


However, when you work 1-1 with me, I will consider your symptoms with an all-encompassing lens that considers your activity level, age, diet, general health status, hobbies, etc. The 1-1 dynamic of my treatment model allows me to identify the various root causes of your concerns before mapping the route forward. 


I encourage new clients to schedule an Initial Consultation Visit so we can discuss your concerns in depth and then decide the best options for you. 

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