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Recommended Products to Benefit Your Health

This list contains the most beneficial products, that we recommend, to support you on your journey to better health and vitality.



Biote Nutraceuticals represent a promising approach to supporting healthy aging and overall wellness. These products are specifically formulated with ingredients chosen for their excellent bioavailability, ensuring that the body can effectively absorb and utilize the nutrients they contain. Incorporating Biote Nutraceuticals into your daily regimen can complement a healthy lifestyle, helping you to optimize your nutrition and support you body’s natural processes.



Healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products are shipped right to your door. Products are safer and more effective with higher ingredient, storage, and shipping standards. You can stay on track with refill reminders timed and personalized to recommended dosages.



Most people experience thinning hair at some point.If you’re one of them, you’re one of us.

We went through the same experience as millions of others. Our hair was thinning and it was stressful and scary. We tried conventional treatments, but we wanted a natural way to take control of our hair growth. So, we made one. The first Nutrafol hair stories are our own.


Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love began back in 2003, when founder Wendy Strgar was trying to save her own sex life and marriage. After nursing four children, sex was becoming incredibly painful. When her doctor recommended trying conventional personal lubricants, she was having severe reactions to every product she could find. So, beginning in her kitchen, the dream of changing the intimacy product shelf to healthy, organic products took root.

Good Clean Love offers a variety of of products to meet all of your personal needs.


PH-D Boric Acid Suppository

Boric acid is a compound found in seawater and can be used for vaginal odor. Each pH-D vaginal suppository contains 600 mg of boric acid powder which is the amount recommended by doctors. pH-D® Feminine Health we are reinventing holistic feminine hygiene and wellness solutions that help millions of women feel confident and comfortable. We are an independently held, women-owned and women-run business.



Uberlube is a silicone-based lubrication that is lightweight but has a long-lasting performance without ever getting sticky or tacky. When not in use, überlube gently dissipates, leaving your skin with a soft and moisturized feel.​

We have chosen our ingredients to be as safe for the human body as possible. Every batch of überlube is scrutinized and tested for quality and safety.


CBD Products-Sanders Farm

We are an energetic Colorado family of five.  We discovered CBD and how it can benefit us in our active combination of mountain + farming lifestyle.

We, being both a nurse and a farmer, choose to cultivate our own hemp to guarantee its purity. To ensure that our children can safely use our products, we hand-make them ourselves using solely natural ingredients. When you experience our products, you will find that each item contains only natural ingredients, good vibes, and a dash of the Divine

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