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Do you know your vagina and all its parts?

Do you know where your Vulva is? Vestibule? Vagina?

To start some of our women parts are inside the body and some are not… the VAGINA is typically used to describe anything between women's legs. However, the vagina is inside the body but not all of our lady parts are “inside’” Like, the Vulva and Vestibule.

So, what is a Vulva? To start The Vulva is outside the body, it is the part of our anatomy that you can see. The word vulva means covering, and that is exactly what the vulva does. The vulva covers and protects the clitoris, labia majora (outer lips) vestibule and urethra (where we pee from). The vulva begins at the top of the mons pubis (where your pubic hair is) down to your perineum (space between vagina and anus) To keep it simple the vulva is all that you can see without spreading your outer lips.

The Vestibule is the part of your body that surrounds the opening of your vagina or the introitus (opening) Much like an awning covering your porch, the vestibule covers your vagina. The Vestibule is the area between your inner lips (Labia Minora). The Vestibule contains the urethra down to the vagina opening. The Vestibule is still outside of the body but inside the inner lips (Labia Minora).

The Vagina is the passageway, it starts with the opening (introitus) and ends with the cervix. It is an expandable muscular tube that has the ability to expand and retract to accommodate tampons, penis (all different sizes) and birthing babies! The vaginal walls are covered with rugae.

Rugae are soft folds of connective tissue allowing for much of the flexibility needed in the vagina to expand and retract. Much like an accordion. The perineum is the area extending from beneath the vulva to the anus.

Hopefully by learning and understanding your own female anatomy will help you to become more comfortable with your body. The more aware we are with our “vagina” the more likely we can identify where problems are located, and work toward fixing any issues that may come up.

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